How to Activate and Reuse Tap on an iPhone running iOS 14

How to Activate and Reuse Tap on an iPhone running iOS 14

Make the back of your cell phone do your bidding!

Apple announced iOS 14 which will be released to the public this fall at WWDC20, but a beta profile for developers is available. The WWDC keynote discusses many of the major changes that took place on iOS 14 but of course, many other small changes failed to be mentioned at the event.

But thanks to the beta version available today, people can travel alone to find such small changes. One nice addition to coming to your iPhone is ‘Tap again’.

The rear faucet is exactly what it sounds like. You can take certain actions that can be adjusted by tapping the back of your iPhone. “Shoot! I use the case for my iPhone.” If you only think so, don’t worry, you don’t have to choose between using a case or a back knock. The rear faucet works just as efficiently as the case without the case.

To enable the tap action again on an iPhone running iOS 14, open Settings and open ‘Accessibility’.


In the accessibility settings, open ‘Touch’ under the ‘Physical and Motorcycle’ section.


Scroll down to the bottom of the settings Touch and find ‘Tap Back’. This will display ‘Off’ as the default setting. Tap to configure the settings to tap again.


Tap Back supports ‘Double tap’ and ‘Triple tap’ at this time. Open both of them individually to choose what action you want to do by double-tapping and triple-tapping the back of your phone. So, you can choose two quick actions.


There are several actions to choose from such as Screenshot, Application Switcher, Volume Up, Volume Down, Reachability, Lock Screen, Home, etc. To name a few. You can also choose from several accessibility options such as Touch Assistant, Voice Over, Classic Invert, Zoom, and the like.

Alternatively, you can also select Scroll ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ gestures. It does not have direct support for opening applications or performing actions in an application. But it does have the option to choose ‘Shortcut’ as your chosen action. So, you can create shortcuts for actions you like to do in applications that support Siri shortcuts and select them in ‘Back Taps’.

Tap an action to select it.


A list of actions is available to choose to knock again.

Back Taps are a refreshing addition to the iPhone, giving us more control over how we want to use them. Soft tap seems to do the trick. But now, the action of back tap can also be activated accidentally, such as when we put the phone on a surface such as a table or bed. So how reliable it is in the real world, it’s debatable – a cellphone in a pocket can make many positive mistakes. So it would be fair to say that you should refrain from associating any action such as ‘making a call’ by tapping back, at least if you don’t want to make speed dialing to an entirely new level.

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