How to Control Smart Home Devices in Control Center on iPhone or iPad

How to Control Smart Home Devices in Control Center on iPhone or iPad

The Apple Home app offers quick controls to control smart lights, doorbells, thermostats, and other smart home devices – right in your iPhone or iPad Control Center. Here’s how to set up and use it.

These controls work with HomeKit-enabled devices, which you can configure from within the Apple Home app on your iPhone or iPad. The Control Center feature was added in the iOS 14 update for iPhone and the iPadOS 14 update for the iPad, which Apple released in September 2020.

How to Choose Whether Controls Appear in Control Center

The controls will appear in Control Center by default. To disable it – or enable it if it doesn’t appear – head to Settings> Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Toggle the “Show Home Controls” option to choose whether Home controls appear in your device’s Control Center.

Even if you disable Home Controls, you can still add a “Home” shortcut here. This will provide a single button in your Control Center; You can tap it to open the Home app.


How to Use Home Controls

To access Control Center, swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone or iPad screen. You will see a “Home” button here, along with the controls for the smart home device you have configured.


Tap or long press a tile to control various options. For example, to turn a light on or off, tap the tile. To control a light’s brightness or color, long press a shortcut tile and you’ll see quick controls for that light.


To see more devices, tap the “Home” shortcut tile. You will see your favorite sights and accessories. You can tap the “Favorites” menu and select a specific room or tap the house-shaped “Home” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Home app.


How to Select Controls That Appear in Control Center

To choose which controls appear in Control Center, open the Home app. You can do this by launching the “Home” application from the home screen, Spotlight search, or the Application Library. You can also tap “Home” in Control Center and tap the house-shaped “Home” icon.

To place a device or scene in Control Center, search the Home app and long press.


Tap the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the device control screen.


Enable the “Include in Favorites” option here. You can then tap the “x” button and return to the main screen.


Repeat this process for each device or scene that you want to add to Control Center. You can add as many as you want, and you can always tap the “Favorites” tile in Control Center to see the entire list.

However, Control Center will automatically select some of your favorites to display on the main Control Center screen. If the quick controls you want to see don’t appear in Control Center, you’ll need to remove other devices or views from your favorites to make room. Once you have devices or sights you don’t like appearing in Control Center, there will be room for the devices and sights you want to see.

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