How to convert photos directly into video on iOS

How to convert photos directly into video on iOS

Direct photos are a concept that Apple introduced a while ago. They are basically 2-second videos that are taken when you take a photo. The camera application starts recording right before you press the capture key and often, you capture beautiful memories in the process. Live photos are videos but are not in a video format that most applications will recognize and as live photos, they are not played when you upload them online. Instead, you have to convert photos directly to video. This is how you do it.

Convert photos directly to video

iOS has the option to convert photos directly to videos in the Photos application.

Immediate photo identification

On iOS, photos directly have a different icon. It is a circle that is embedded in another circle with ‘LIVE written next to it. There are also albums that are automatically created for direct photos that you can visit, to access photos directly.


Convert to video

To convert photos directly into video, follow the steps below;

  1. Open the photo stock application on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select the live photo that you want to convert to video.
  3. Tap the share button at the bottom right.
  4. From the sharing sheet, select ‘Save as Video’.

Photos will be converted into videos and saved to the Photos application. Direct photos will not be deleted or deleted. You will still have it. The video will play, with sound, like other videos that you recorded with your iPhone. The video will be in MOV format.


Video quality will be as good as live photos.

Share photos instantly

Direct photos are a unique format on Apple devices but with a few adjustments, you can post them online.

You can post photos directly on Instagram and Facebook, but you must convert them into videos first.

Instagram can’t convert photos directly into videos. You must convert it on an iOS device first, and then post it to Instagram.

You cannot turn a photo directly backfire after you convert it to video. Boomerang only works with videos that you record with the application and currently does not have support for videos from the camera roll.

You can play photos directly from the Stock photos application on iOS. Open the photo and swipe up. You will see a series of actions / effects. Select Loop.

You can easily convert photos directly into normal or JPEG photos. Open a photo directly in the Photos application and tap the Share button. Tap the LIVE badge at the top and it will be deactivated. Direct photos will be converted to a simple JPEG even though you can always activate them again from your phone.


Live photos play very well on Apple devices but for every other platform where you want to share them, you have to convert them to video. Apple makes it quite easy with default tools. If you dive into the edit options for live photos, you will find many great features to edit them.

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