How to Create a Folder and Organize Recordings in the Voice Memo apps on Mac

How to Create a Folder and Organize Recordings in the Voice Memo apps on Mac

Don’t let your recording become cluttered. Put it in a folder

Folder is the latest addition to the Voice Memos application on your Mac. All thanks to the Great Sur Update! You can now compile your notes into short folders and name them for a better and more organized view of all your voice recordings. Smart folders are also a big improvement. Read on to learn how you can create folders and organize your notes in the Voice Memos application on your Mac.

There are two types of folders here; one is ‘Smart Folder’ – created by Voice Memos itself and the other is ‘Personal Folder’, which you will create.

Create a Personal Folder

Open the ‘Voice Memo’ application on your Mac.


Above the ‘All Records’ section on the ‘Voice Memos’ screen will be an ‘Show Sidebar’ icon. Click that.

Look at the bottom side bar that you just opened. In the right corner of the sidebar, there will be an ‘Folder’ icon with ‘+’ in it. Click on this icon.


Now, there will be a popup to create the folder. Click on the name text box to add a new folder name and click ‘Save’ when you are finished.


You can see the folder you just added in the ‘My Folders’ section on the left sidebar.


Adding Items to Folder

It’s fun and easy to add items to your folder. Select the ‘All Records’ option and navigate to the item that you want to add to your newly created folder. Then drag and drop the recording to your folder.


If you add the same item to another folder, the item automatically deletes itself from the previous folder and is only available in the last selected folder.

Smart Folder


These folders automatically categorize themselves into ‘Recently Deleted’, av Favorites’, and ‘Apple Watch Records’. You don’t need anything for this folder to work. When you choose certain options, say delete or mark something as a favorite or record something through your Apple watch, they will immediately appear in this ‘Smart Folder’.

To mark a sound recording as a favorite, first, open the recording that you like. Then navigate to the upper right corner of the screen. You will find a “heart” icon between the “Delete” and “Import” icons. Click that. The perforated heart icon will fill once you click it.


When you mark something as a favorite, it will appear as a smart ‘Favorites’ folder in the left sidebar.


Organizing recordings on Voice Memo has never been so neat and put together. The latest features powered by macOS Big Sur bring super-smart personal folders and folders that you can make to the Voice Memos platform.

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