How to Customize the Apple News App on Mac

How to Customize the Apple News App on Mac

The Apple News app has been around for nearly five years and, by then, has become a quiet giant. With the chance to see top feeds curated by human editors, trending stories suggested by Siri, or stories that are popular with other readers, there’s always something for everyone. The more time you spend on Apple News, the more personal the story will be. If you haven’t tried the app yet, you’re really missing out on the customizable experience. What if you really wanted to make the Apple News app “yours”? Try these settings to customize your Apple News app.

Adding Channels


The first thing you will want to do is start adding channels. If this is your first time opening the News application, “Find Channels & Topics” is on the left side of the screen. If you have used the News application to add topics, go to File in the menu bar and select “Find Channels & Topics”.

When the popup opens, the app basically wants you to choose your favorite topic or news site to follow. While browsing through these options, there are endless scrolls that take you through various news, celebrities, games, science, politics, culture and other sources or topics. As the Apple News app starts to recognize that you choose a lot of gaming sites to follow, you’ll start to see more game options pop up.


Or, look for the search bar at the top right side of the screen. Type in the topic you want to follow. For example, type “Game”. You will now see several options available including following the game as a whole topic or a number of game-related websites on “Channels.” When you find a channel you want to read, click the “+” sign to add it to the topic or source you currently follow.

Unfollow Channels


There are many reasons why you might want to unfollow a channel. Whether it’s no longer relevant to your interests or the site no longer exists, unfollowing is easy. Under the “Following” topic or site list in the left sidebar, right-click any name and select “Channel / Topic Unfollow.” Alternatively, you can also open File in the menu bar and select “Channel Unfollow.” Each method achieves the same results.

Limited view


As noted above, Apple News is a combination of a human editor plus your own choice of topics or channels to follow. Maybe you want to avoid a lot of excess activity that doesn’t interest you. They may be headlines around politics, world events, or sports. Either way, you can make this happen easily by limiting the stories you see to only those that come from the channels or topics you follow.

To do this, go to “News” in the Mac menu bar and select “Preferences”. You can now click the “Limit Today’s News” box. With that choice, all other topics or stories are blocked. To disable this feature, follow the same Mac menu bar back to the same location and uncheck the “Limit stories on Today” box.

Vote for Stories

Even after you’ve set up a channel or topic to follow, you still have the option to “vote” on the news that interests you. This will help the Apple News app algorithm select future stories that are relevant to your interests. The Apple News mobile app allows you to swipe through each story to select, but the Mac app takes an extra click or two. When you are browsing the News application and find news you like and want to read more about, right-click on the news.


Among other options, you’ll see two options for “Suggest More Like This” or “Suggest Less Like This”. Each of these options will help the News application algorithm learn about your interests and help you find more news that may be of interest to you yourself. The more you choose between these two options, the more the system can learn and help customize the types of news and sources you see every day.

Manage Notifications


Like the Apple News mobile app, the Mac app can send as many or as few notifications as you want. Do you want to see notifications of every topic or site you follow or just a few? If you choose the former, you could potentially be flooded with notifications throughout the day. In those cases, we recommend managing your notifications and limits for specific channels or topics.

To get started, open File in the Mac menu bar and select “Manage Notifications & Emails”. When the small pop-up opens, you can scroll and select the channels for which you want to receive notifications. You’ll have options for your chosen channel or topic or “More Channels,” which are full of sites you’ve previously read or selected.

It’s really easy to customize the Apple News app on a Mac, as it allows a lot of control over who and what you follow. If you are using iOS, here’s how to register a new subscription on your iPhone.

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