How To Password Protect Your Photos on iPhone

How To Password Protect Your Photos on iPhone

iPhone has an original way to hide photos and videos in the Photos application. Just select the photo you want to hide, tap the Share icon, and select the “Hide” option. However, this is not complete proof. It just hides them from ‘Moments’ and “Albums”. Anyone can see your hidden photos or videos by opening a new “Hidden” album.

Fortunately, there are hidden tricks that not only completely hide all your photos and videos, but also protect them with your Touch password or Face ID. No third-party application is required. All you have to do is import all your personal photos and videos in the Notes application, use the lock feature to protect notes, with a password, then return to the Photos application and delete all the media that you import into Notebook. Step by step guide follows.

Password Protect Your Photos on iPhone

To get started, open the Notes apps and create a new note by tapping the new note button in the lower right corner of the application. Give a generic name that does not arouse suspicion. And tap Done in the upper right corner.


Now, tap the Camera button at the bottom of the application and select “Select Photo or Video” from the pop-up list.


This will open the camera roll and you can select all the pictures and videos that you want to hide from your iPhone gallery. After you have selected all items, tap the Add button in the upper right corner.

Now, we only need to proceed and lock the note with Touch ID and Face ID. Tap the meatball menu button in the upper right corner.


Tap the Large violet Lock button from the Share Sheet. If you never set a password for your notes, you will be asked to create one. The password can be different from your iPhone’s passcode which means you can safely create a new password to lock your photos.

Enter password, verify, and add instructions. After that, tap Done at the top right to finish lock settings.


Tap the new lock button that appears next to the meatball menu button above to lock the note. Every time you want to see the note, you must enter the correct password or use your Touch ID / Face ID.


Every time you look back at your notes, it will display this lock screen as shown below on the left. To unlock your notes, just press the View Notes button and authenticate with Face ID / Touch ID.


Don’t Forget to Delete Photos

Keep in mind, hiding private media in the Notes application, does not delete the original media from the Photos application. So, don’t forget to delete pictures and videos from your Photos application, and even from the trash. To do this, simply open the Photos application and select all the photos that you have hidden in the ‘Notes’ application. Tap Trash can at the bottom right of the screen and select Delete Items.


iPhone keeps a copy of deleted photos in ‘Trash’ for the next thirty days and permanently deletes them. You can delete photos manually by simply scrolling to the bottom of the Album section and tap “Recently Deleted”. Tap the Delete All button in the lower left corner to delete your photos permanently.


Last words

This is a fast way to hide your photos on iPhone and secure them with Touch ID / Face ID. This is not the most efficient method but it is still better than hiding your photos in the Photos application where anyone can access them just by navigating to a hidden folder. Or, you can use a free third-party application such as Folder Lock, which functions similarly to the note application – that is, passwords protect personal photos and videos, but, much more convenient. Although, you still have to delete media from the Photos application.

Let me know if you have thoughts and comments about it in the comments below.

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