How to put Apple Watch in vibrate mode

How to put Apple Watch in vibrate mode

Apple is a world-famous company that, as you already know, makes iPhones, iPads, iPods, and since a few years ago Apple Watches.

Apple Watch is a device that you put on your wrist and you have a small computer wherever you go! This is a device that you must connect to your iPhone to use it. You can, of course, view the time, receive and answer emails, texts and calls and also track your health through Apple Watch.

If you have been using it for a while and you might want to know how to turn off the sound and turn on the watch vibration, keep reading this post for a step-by-step guide.


Step by step process:

You can change the sound and vibration settings on the iPhone or on your watch. We will show you both ways how you can do this easily.

Use your watch:

  • First, turn on your watch. Go to Home and then press the Settings button which has a round rot logo.
    After the Settings window opens, you should now scroll down a little until you find the Sound & Haptics option that you will manage.
  • When you find it, click there.
  • Again, scroll down a bit until you see the Haptics Settings section. You must now look for the power of the Haptic. There you will be able to increase or decrease the sensitivity and strength of vibrations.
  • If you want to optimally activate the vibrational mode so that it is really visible, you will see an option under Settings Haptics that says Prominent Haptics. This is a button, and there is an explanation below.
  • If you want to activate it, click the button. When it turns green, you will know that it lights up.

Note: When you change the Haptics Settings, you will feel how strong the vibration of the watch will be because the watch will vibrate every time you change something


Use your iPhone:

If you want to change the vibration settings of your watch by phone, there are also ways to do it.

  • Turn on your cellphone and open the Watch application that you must install on your mobile.
  • Open and make sure the My Watch connection is active. If not, activate it quickly.
  • You should now look for the Sound and Haptics settings on the My Watch screen when you are in the apps.
  • Open and look for the Haptic Strength option on your mobile screen.
  • Now you will be able to adjust the vibrational strength of your watch by simply sliding left or right on the Haptic Strength slider. And when you change it, you can feel the vibrations on your watch. Continue to change until you are satisfied with its strength.
  • Next, look for the Prominent Haptic button that should be right below the slider. If it is turned off, turn it back on by clicking the button until it turns green.

And now you are done, you have successfully put your watch in vibration mode.

I hope this article was useful and that you have successfully followed these steps and done it without additional problems. If you somehow fail to activate this mode, return to the beginning of the article, read carefully, and try the two methods that we describe. That should work!

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