How to Restore Your iPhone Device

How to Restore Your iPhone Device

If you have caused damage to your iPhone by downloading any software, then the best way to fix it is to restore your device. This is not a definite shot, but it will definitely help you to a large extent.

We provide you with a step-by-step tutorial that will help you restore your cellphone. When you start, you need to know that restoring will erase all data that is on your iPhone.

Step1: Connect iPhone to your computer

Use a USB cable to establish a connection between the iPhone and your computer. iTunes will now automatically launch and if that doesn’t happen then you can do it manually. Under the device, you will not be able to see the name of your cellphone.

Step 2: Back Up Data

If you have chosen the option that will sync iTunes to your iPhone as soon as the two are connected, it will start transferring data immediately after launch. If you haven’t activated such an option, then you can do this by manually clicking on the “Synchronize” option located at the bottom right of the Summary Tab in iTunes.

Step 3: Start Restoring the Device

When you access the iPhone information page on your iTunes, you will be able to see two buttons. Select “Restore” and after that you will receive a warning that will color you against the loss of your data. If you have synced your iPhone, select restore.


Step 4: Let the Restoration Begin

After the previous steps, your mobile recovery will begin and you will see several messages relating to data extraction and verification of recovery. The process might take some time because it’s important to keep your cell phone connected. You won’t be able to see the iPhone because you will only be able to see the Apple logo and progress bar on the screen.

Step 5: iPhone Restored

Now you will be able to see a message that will show that your cell phone has been restored. You must now restore your settings and synchronize your data back to the iPhone.

Step 6: iPhone Activated

When your iPhone starts, the iPhone to iTunes connection symbol is deleted. You can now see a message saying that your iPhone must be activated. After a few minutes, your phone will now be activated.

Step 7: Prepare your iPhone

To manage your restored iPhone, choose from two options namely Set as New iPhone or Restore from Backup. If you want to restore your contacts, email and password, you can choose to restore from backup options. Whereas if you want to set as a new iPhone then all your data will be erased. Select the desired option that will make you do a series of synchronizations after all of your data will be transferred back to your phone.


Step 8: iPhone Recovery Completed

The iPhone will now be restored to its own factory settings. All data will now be synchronized back to the phone and now you can erase the USB cable to start using the phone.


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