How to use Apple Watch to listen to music

How to use Apple Watch to listen to music

Apple Watch can stream Apple music, podcasts, and audio books. This is why iPhone users love their Watches and Apple phones so much. Besides the many other options provided by Apple Watch, listening to music is one of the most widely used options. You can use it to listen to music even if you are far from the iPhone and not connected to the internet.

Many people will ask how to use Apple Watch to listen to music? Here are some answers.

How to use Apple Watch to listen to music


Set Apple Watch

To set up Apple Watch, you need to know a few things. First, if you use Apple Music, Apple podcasts, or audio books, you must synchronize the Watch with your iPhone. For those who are not Apple Music customers, they can also listen to the music they have on their device, but must still be connected to the Watch to the iPhone.

To stream music, you must open the Music application in the main menu and choose what you want to listen to. You can also listen to the radio, and if you want, open the Radio application.

Sync music with Apple Watch

To sync music to your Apple Watch, you must follow these steps.

Place the Apple Watch on the charger and set the iPhone within Watch range. Open the Settings menu on the iPhone and turn on Bluetooth. Then, open the Apple Watch app on your mobile and click on the My Watch header. Select the music that you see displayed on the screen. After that, just open the Add Music option.

Your music list will open. There you need to click the Add Music option which is placed next to all music. Choose what you want to listen to and click the Add Music option.


Play music

To play music from Apple Watch, make sure you have connected your headphones or speakers to the Watch. As we already know, we use Bluetooth to connect them to a watch.

Open the Music application on your watch and use Digital Crown to browse albums and playlists. If you want to add music from an iPhone, use the Apple Watch application. You can play music directly from your iPhone, and you don’t need a Bluetooth connection to do it. You can also listen to Apple music or music from your library. Just select a song and press play. This will be played, and you can control it with your Apple Watch.


Adjust the volume and other options

You can adjust the volume by turning the Digital Crown. There are also options to play a song or stop it, skip the next song, or skip certain parts of the song. Apple Watch provides options for dragging and repeating songs too.

Remove music from Apple Watch

Because you can add music to Apple Watch, you can also delete it. The process is almost the same as adding music to Watch. Simply open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone and open the My Watch option. Select music, click and you will see the Edit button.

If you don’t see the Edit button, the music isn’t on your Apple Watch. In the playlist, you will see a red Delete button placed next to all music. Tap on the music you want to delete, and it will no longer exist.

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